Speaking Engagements

in.Mode Founder and Chief Marketing Maven Erin Jones is an accomplished business speaker and has a noted resume of public speaking engagements at keynote events throughout the country. She doesn’t just speak on the topic of marketing itself...Erin speaks to the who, what, and whys of marketing.  She speaks to the outcome, the benefits, the goals, and the rewards of successful marketing.  


And her content is not the dreaded put-you-to-sleep analyses and metrics overviews. Erin’s approachable and engaging delivery on the topics of marketing strategy, public relations methodologies and best practices, plus much more, bring the message down to earth and entirely relatable. Customizing her content for each audience, Erin uses real-world experiences, from working with well-known corporate giants, to launching her own marketing organization and taking charge of her professional journey.


From the moment Erin steps in front of the microphone your audience will be both informed and entertained. Some of her past speaking topics include:

  • Simple steps to streamline your marketing process;

  • PR strategies for the digital world;

  • How to handle a crisis when it hits your business

  • Social media management in its speed of sound landscape.

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