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What did we ever do without it? Love it or hate it, social media has become the star of the show and for millions upon millions, what makes the world go around.  And it’s here today (make that here this instant)/gone tomorrow nature positions it a particularly timely beast to tame.  Yet no organization should be intimidated or overwhelmed by these extraordinarily influential marketing channels. Our comprehensive social media strategies provide you with the power to track your social exposure and brand awareness, and interact with your audience in the real-time manner they expect. 


  • At the onset we review the social media platforms in which you participate and your current practices, then review and suggest what other social media channels you should explore to most effectively reach your intended audience;

  • We’ll advise you and your communications team on how to update and manage your profiles for maximum effectiveness;

  • We ensure your visual and tonal consistency among your networks, setting you up on a multi-admin platform that is easy to manage;

  • Provide support towards the creation and execution of an engaging, steady stream of content to your social media platforms;

  • And in many cases we provide creative content, social media management, strategy execution and social street teams.

Boot Camps

What’s a Social Media Boot Camp you ask? Simple: it’s about us working with you directly to kick your social strategies and practices into shape.  In only one session it’ll train your team on the ins and outs and best practices for each channel, or the individual channel for which you wish to focus for more in-depth training. You'll learn the most optimum methods for navigation, posting and engaging with your target audience and understand social media policies and rules.


They're also highly interactive with hands-on help in real time, so everyone can be themselves and feel comfortable and free to ask about anything throughout the session. You’ll all be be speaking social media lingo in no time, competent in knowing the difference between impressions and reach, and why it’s important to quote a retweet along with mastering the important art of hashtagging on Instagram and Twitter. In the case you’re completely offline and need to set up a new social media channel (or channels), we’ll nail that at the end of the session, along with a Q&A to clarify any confusion or concerns. 

Digital Media Management

Oh, how times have changed. Think about this: in terms of audience scale, social networks have a massive reach that now rivals television, a medium that’s been around a whole lot longer than the internet.  And from a social media advertising standpoint, traditional media planning and buying tactics can go right out the window.  But the beauty of social media advertising, versus the traditional methodologies, is that it allows you to reach your key clients using specific demographic targeting capabilities and highly tailored ad messaging. 


We take a multi-channel approach to digital advertising. That is, if you’re not using a combination of social media channels, you’re missing out on some extremely effective opportunities to reach your customers. We’re proficient in all social media advertising platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat et al, as well as retargeting and display ad services, and of course paid search advertising. We’ll optimize your online media budgets at the onset to perform at maximum efficiency, while formulating an ad strategy comprised of specific targeting sets, and create custom ad copy and landing pages, as needed, all ensuring the messaging is totally relevant to your brand persona. And speaking of optimization, check out our capabilities with the following digital media packages.

1) Capabilities

Our packages can be customized to meet your specific needs, and range from the basics to the more complex, as you wish, all with seamless communication and execution. And our expertise encompasses six platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Snapchat – with creative management and posting. Our capabilities are listed below and while there are many from which to choose, we’re more than happy to mix and match, per your direction, to meet your digital media goals.

  • Copywriting - bios, blogs, posts content, resumes, etc.;

  • Creative execution - art direction, creative direction, graphic design, photography, video, etc.;

  • Daily administration of accounts - deleting spam/accepting friend requests/following, engagement and communication with your fan base (handled carefully and bringing any sensitive matters to your attention immediately), monitoring of brand chatter, reputation monitoring and management, targeted audience building;

  • Eblasts/email communications;

  • Weekly email contact with you and your team for clear communication and updates regarding direction, strategy, content focus, etc.

  • Monthly analysis report.

2) Social Media Contests

As with everything in marketing, especially when it comes to the ever-changing world of social media marketing, there’s seems to a million different ways to engage your loyal clients and garner a legion of new and prospective customers. Let’s start with social media contests, one of the most popular, fun and measurable ways to attract attention to your brand and/or business. Here are some basics on what to do:

  • Simultaneously speak to prospects and those you know will enter with copy that addresses the needs of those who know your brand/business, but in a voice that’s also going to entice newbies;

  • Affix labels and catchwords to your contest copy to specifically speak to your target audience, e.g. for a restaurant “Love Sunday brunch? Enter to win a month of all you can eat Sundays”;

  • Tie your contest to an upcoming event relevant to its content;f or example, if there’s  regional 5K run or festival that coincides, use it…people love to know they’re participating in something notable, especially on the community level.


Now, what NOT to do:

  • Stand out, don’t make it look like you’re copying another organization, which can also make data tracking a living hell. And be careful with hashtags as you want them to be unique, but now so much that they’re unrecognizable;

  • Follow the rules - No matter if it’s Facebook or your own proprietary contest, cover every aspect: who can enter (e.g. age and location), how many times they can enter, and exactly when the contest starts and ends;

  • Comply - Make sure you are up to date on the rules and laws of social media. Rules and laws are constantly being updated and added to protect people’s safety and privacy, so do your homework about

3) Organic Social Media, Paid, or Both?

The reality is a combination delivers better results. Organic can produce a respectable number of social interactions but when paid is added it can add new fans and increase social interactions.  A strategy and measurement plan should also be in place. It’s important to know that there isn’t one generic formula to determine how much of your social media content should be paid versus organic, however, a well thought-out strategy and measurement plan can help you create one. Finally, testing will assist with determining the most optimum organic versus paid balance. In just a day or two paid social media can be tested, as tweaks and edits to the ads and messaging can work wonders for the content’s success. All it takes is a small investment in time and money.

4) Influencer Affiliations

Let’s talk about Instagram and the influencers who can help make or break a brand/business, as well as the coverage they create on their own personal blogs and websites. From strategy and content creation, to execution and reporting, we can work to create and manage an influencer marketing program tailored to your specific needs by identifying a roster of influencers to help you attain optimum reach and engagement. Throwing an important event? We’ll get them to attend. Launching a new product or service? We’ll have them talking about it.


But we’re going to be upfront here and not promise you the moon in the beginning…that’s unrealistic. Those Instagrammers and YouTubers with millions of followers? Very tough nuts to crack because influencer marketing is all about an exchange of value, and it gets considerably harder to offer someone something that's worth their time once they've hit a huge level of fame. Our strategy is to land on the radar of those with audiences in the thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, the attainables – extremely valuable yet they won’t cost you an arm and a leg – and who’ll become genuine brand-appropriate ambassadors. Let’s not worry about cracking that 2 million follower account… yet ;-)

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